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 Nicky the Planet Eater

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PostSubject: Nicky the Planet Eater   Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:32 am

Full Name: Nicky

Age: Unknown, at least 8 billion, based on historical records.


Family: None

Home Planet: Unknown

Personality: A sarcastic and selfish little brat in personality, Nicky cares about himself and nothing else, and loves to tease and torment others. He's arrogent and taunting, and demands to be respected by everyone. He's horribly rude, and tends to interrupt and refuse to listen to things he doesn't want to hear, not to mention he actually has combat moves that make use of his burps and farts, which are definitely the most horrible in the universe. Nicky's ultimate goal is to eat everything, and he uses his army of spawn to weaken planets for him to devour. He often refers to his spawn as his kids, but actually cares nothing for them.

Character Type: Dark (Devouring Horde)

Character Status:

Attack: 100
Defense: 90
Strategy: 90
Stamina: 90
Speed: 100
Skill: 90
Intelligence: 90
Sp: 100

History: Nicky is an ancient elemental force, older then anyone can guess. There are documents tracing him back over 8 billion years, and even before then there is mention of creatures likely his spawn. Nicky is a planet eating monster, who is capable of devouring entire worlds once they've been weakened. To do this, he creates his spawn, which are lesser monsters that wipe out inhabitents of the planet. Once he has eaten or killed enough natives of a planet, he will be able to release all of their energy in a wave that will reduce the planet into a snack for him. Fortunately it seems fighters are getting stronger as of late, as it's been quite a while since a planet has been lost this way.

Items: None.

Desire: To eat everyone and everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Nicky the Planet Eater   Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:39 am

Why do I have a feeling that I've known you before... Hmm...

Anyway, everything seems to be in order so yeah, approved! Very Happy
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Nicky the Planet Eater
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