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 Status Table of Gazon

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PostSubject: Status Table of Gazon   Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:08 am

Name: Gazon (Gazons)
Galaxy: Milky Way (MW)
Temperature: 24 degrees CELSIUS
Size: 11,412,952 km
Life Forms: Reptoids
Weather: Moderate
Oxygen: 26%
Nitrogen: 19%
Carbon Di Oxide: 54%
(Poisonous Fumes: 1%)
Any Extra: 0%
Water: 52%
Land: 48%
Gazon and Forjon were rival races from birth,
Gazons were Reptoids, who were 5-7ft in height, had red eyes. It resembles a lizard, very intelligent, very nasty, in other words..
The master strategists for galaxy wide domination, their first targets revealed;
Forjon for definite along with Plugara who affiliated with Forjon..
Gazons invaded Forjon to gain rule over it, Forjon fought back but couldn't reach Gazon, Fojon wasn't prepared, so all they had was to protect their planet from the Gazons..
Gazons affiliated with Waroka, learning about how they too are in complete war.
Gazons are sometimes found helping Warokans in the
Plugara-Waroka war..
Affiliations: Waroka
Enemies: Plugara, Forjon
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Status Table of Gazon
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