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 Status Table of Cybertron

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PostSubject: Status Table of Cybertron   Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:35 am

Name: Cybertron
Galaxy: AllSpark
Temperature: 27 degrees CELSIUS
Size: 82,004,067 km
Life Forms: (Cybertronians)
Weather: Moderate Cold
Oxygen: 0%
Nitrogen: 20%
Carbon Di Oxide: 20%
(Poisonous Fumes: 0%)
Any Extra: 60%
Water: 5%
Land: 95%
History/Description: Cybertron was the rarest planet among all the planets. Cybertronians live here. They are giant robots that can transform into any machine that they scanned and saved on their memory. Some Cybertronians had been in Earth for a long time, hiding in plain sights. Some are trying to invade it, some are protecting. But Cybertronians is in war with each other. Cybertronians were divided into 2 groups.

The Autobots - they are the good side and they protect the humans. They don't hurt any humans at any means. They keep the AllSpark from the Decepticons. The Autobots are leaded by a robot named, "Optimus Prime". There are other special autobots that possess great battle strategies and other skills, they are:

Bumblebee: A Yellow Camaro Transformer. He is a guardian of a human.

Ironhide: The weapons specialist.

Jazz: First Lieutenant.

Ratchet: Medical Specialist.

Decepticons: they are the bad side and they invade Earth to make it their own. They also search for the AllSpark so their leader, "Megatron" can have it's power and be indestructible. There are special Decepticons:

Barricade, Blackout, Bonecrusher, Devastator, Scorponok and Frenzy.

Affiliations: Earth
Enemies: Decepticon Cybertronians
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Status Table of Cybertron
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