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 Zero -edited

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PostSubject: Zero -edited   Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:43 am

Full Name: Rai Shoudoki

Codename: Zero

Age: 20



Treated Brother: (His name is, "X")
Status: Dead

Treated Father: (His name is, Light.)
Status: Dead

Home Planet: Earth

Personality: Zero is a brave and a silent type warrior. He is a neutral warrior. His mission is to destroy every single enemy that will attack his planet, loved ones and himself. He likes gaining allies and collecting small machines that he can use to upgrade his armor.

Character Type: Peace


Rai Shoudoki's origin or real family is unknown. He was raised by Dr. Light since he was a baby. Dr. Light is an inventor and a technician. They treated themselves as father and son. They lived in a laboratory where Dr. Light works. Dr. Light taught him a lot of things and battle strategies.

Some years had passed and Rai reached the age of 15. Dr. Light created a robot named, "X". It is armed with a Laser Blaster that can be activated at any time. It has emotions and feelings. He was created for their security and for Rai to have his brother.

2 years had passed and Rai reached the age of 17. Rai asked Dr. Light if he can have an armor and a weapon like X. So Dr. Light created a special armor and a weapon for Rai. The armor is water-proof and has invicible force-fields that requires a lot of strong hits before it can be broken. It has other stuffs too. The weapon is a Laser Katana, Laser Blaster, Laser Cannon and a Homing Missile. The weapons are equipped on the armor and can be activated at anytime. It doesn't require bullets or rechaging. Rai memorized and became familiar with the armor so he kept it and protected it.

3 years had passed and Rai reached the age of 20. Earth is in war with aliens. The aliens attacked their laboratory and so X protected them but its systems malfunction making it to self-destruct. The aliens stole machines and important tools. Rai weared his armor and managed to defeat the aliens. But he noticed that Dr. Light is gone. He cried for a short time and remembered all the memories of X and Dr. Light. That made him very angry and sad, so Zero sealed the destroyed laboratory and wandered across the universe searching for Dr. Light and killing every single bad alien.

Items: Laser Blaster, Laser Cannon, Laser Katana, Laser Shuriken and Homing Missiles.

Armor Capabilities: Water-proof, never runs out of energy, invisible forcefields, rocket boots, signals, detectors, night vision helmet and scanners.

Desire: To search for Dr. Light, kill every single bad alien, make friends with other aliens, gain allies and help anyone that would ask his help.

Character Status:

Attack: 100
Defense: 50
Strategy: 16
Stamina: 16
Speed: 16
Skill: 16
Intelligence: 16
Sp: 16

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PostSubject: Re: Zero -edited   Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:16 am

by -Z0N0N-
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Zero -edited
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